OUT OF THE BOX 1. BATU BATA CANTIK =kaca dan plastik (Klik di sini) 2. PERANGSANG AKAR TANAMAN (klik di sini) 3. ALAT CEGAH JAMBRET DAN PERKOSAAN (klik di sini)

Senin, 16 April 2012


Put the words in brackets  into the correct forms. Pay attention  on the bold words or expressions. They are  the clues for you to answer the questions.
1.    What’s going ? They ( argue) for the gasoline price. (are arguing)
2.    Look ! someone ( wave ) her hand to you.  (is waving)
3.    Listen ! Sinta ( sing ) a nice song.(is singing)
4.    Now we ( wait ) for the main speaker. When he comes we will start the program soon. (are waiting)
5.    Excuse me, do  you   mind ( show ) me the ( near) way to the airport ? (to show- nearest)
6.    Passing the toll road is ( short ) than other routes I think. (shorter)
7.    Just take a take a taxi,the driver will take you to the airport as ( fast ) as  you want. (fast)
8.    Which would  you ( prefer ) , ( play ) football of ( cycle) ? (prefer-playing -cycling)
9.    I would rather ( play ) tennis than (play)  football. (play-play)
10.  But i like ( sing ) better than ( cycle) or ( play ) tennis. (singing- cycling-playing)
11. What did you ( do ) last night ? (do)
12. When you called me last night I ( make ) my home work. (made)
13. Two years ago I ( go ) to New York, I ( study ) mechanical engeneering there. (went-studied)
14. When the terror happened in WTC building I ( take ) a walk around the area. The people (be ) panicky. They ( run) here there and ( cry) for help. ( was taking- were- ran- cried)
15. Yesterday I ( get ) a parcel delivery. To my surprise, When I ( open ) it, it ( be )just an empty purse.(got- was opening – was)
16. If you  are surious with your effort, you ( find ) what you dream of (will find)
17. If he ( let) me your coming, I would have sent a driver to pick you up at the airport. (had let)
18. She ( accept ) your proposal if you treated her kindly. (would accept)
19. Every Sundays  She ( wake) up early and ( go) to mousque for ( join) islamic study. (wakes-goes-joining))
20. What do you usually ( do ) after ( arrive) at the office? (do-arriving)
21. I always ( tidy) up my flle and then ( go ) to my computer to ( check) my agendas. (tidy-go-check)
22. My secretary often ( arrive) earlier than me, then she ( leave) a paper cotaining my agendas that day. (arrives-leaves)
23. But this morning  I ( come ) a bit later then I ( ask) my personnel  manager to ( handle ) the morning briefing .(came-asked- handle)
24. Yesterday (be ) a hatic day . I ( get ) a lot of guests and I also had to ( attend ) many meetings. (was-got- attend)
25. What’s your plan after ( graduate) from SMK N4? I ( find ) a job then ( continue) my study to ( get ) S1 degree in my field. (graduating- will find- continue- get)
26.  A: What’s your  opinion about Bela ? B: to my opinion she is a fair girl and even the( smart) one in our class. More over she can ( speak) English  ( fluently ) than anyone in the  class, but she isn’t as ( arrogant ) as Ms.Huges . (smartest-speak- fluently-arrogant)
27. I can’t agree more. If she (love) me,  I would be very glad to be her boy friend. (loved)
28. And if we had not refused her  offer to study  together , we (get ) god mark for our test.(would have got)
29. Look ! she ( come), let’s ( meet ) her to teach us and never  ever  ( miss) this kind of chance. (is coming- meet-miss)
30. I will, If  we  try  our best,  God ( give ) us   what  we wish (will give)

Good luck and successful for your UN/ the national examination !

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