OUT OF THE BOX 1. BATU BATA CANTIK =kaca dan plastik (Klik di sini) 2. PERANGSANG AKAR TANAMAN (klik di sini) 3. ALAT CEGAH JAMBRET DAN PERKOSAAN (klik di sini)

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(sumber : L.G. Alexander,1975 ,New Concept English, Practice and Progress An Integrated Cource For Pre Intermediate Students, Yogyakarta , longman, Yayasan Kanisius)

In the way : please move this chair. It is in the way (menghalangi halan)
On the way: On the way to the station. I bought some cigarettes. (dlm perjalanan ke)
By the way : by the way ,have you seen Tony recently? (omong- omong)
A and the

A man is walking toward me. The man is carrying a parcel. The parcel is full of meat.
There is a dog. The dog is following a man. The man has just bought some meat.
The best and the worse

Jane’s handwriting is bad, but Mary’s is worse . Bety’s handwriting is very bad. It is the worse handwriting I have ever seen.
Mary’s collection of fotoes is not very good. Jane’s is better. Betty’s collection is the best.
Everyone, everybody, everything

Everything is ready
Everybody has come
Everyone likes ice-cream
Any, Not....,Any and No

There isn’t any tea in the tea pot. – There is no tea on the tea pot.
There isn’t any one in the room.- There is no one in yhe room
There isn’t anynhing in the box. – There is nothing in the box.
Made in, Made of, made from, made by

It was made in Indonesia (country)
The tea- pots made of silver (material)
 Glass is made from sand and lines (a nyumber of material)
This cace was made by my sister (someone)
Ask and Ask for

After the lesson , he asked me a question (a question-bertanya)
He asked for an aple (something-minta)
Which of, either of, neither of, both of.

Which of the two do you want ?
Either of them will do
I like neither of them.
I bought both of them
Nervous and Irritable

Examanations make me nervous (uneasy= gugup)
He is such an irritable person, you can hardly speak to him (easy made angary= mdh marah)
Care, Take care of, Look after.

I don’t care if he breaks his neck
I’II take care of it while you are on holliday
       Please look after the children for me whwen I am out
Dress, Suit, Costume

My sister bought a new dress yesterday
My brother never wears ready-made suits
All the actors wore fifteenth--century costumes
Grow and grow up

Children grow quickly. The grass has grown very high
Some people never grow up ( mature in mind= dewasa)
It’s and Its

It’s (It is) cold today. It’s raining too
The cat drank its milk. This engine has lost its power
Realize and Understand

I realize he was mad. He didn’t realize that he had made a mistake.
I don’t understand English.
Home and house

After work I always go home.
They are building many new houses in our district.
There is and It is

There is a fine new school in our neighbourhood.
What’s the time ? It is vive o’clock
Who, Which, That, and Whose

Jasper is one of rthose rare people who believe in ancient myths
This is the hotel which was  built last year.
This is the island that was bought by a millionaire
The pilot whose plane landed in a field was not hurt.
Refuse and deny

The captain has just refused a strange request from a businessman (menolak)
He denied that he had stolen the money (menyangkal)
Bring, Take, Fetch

He brought the book with him when he came to see me. (Come from some where with some thing= membawa)
He took the book with him when he left (away from somewhere or someone=menaruh)
I asked him to go to my room and fetch my glass .(go somehere, pick something up and bring it back=mengembalikan lagi)
Some and Any

There are some students in the room (jamak bisa dihitung)
There isn’t any milk in the bottle. Is there any soap in the bathroom ? ( negatip dan kal tanya)
Very and Too

I arrived very late but I caught the train (nyaris terlambat)
I arrieved too late and I missed the train (sangat terlambat)
A and One

There is a boy in the classroom
There is only one boy in the classroom (not two or more)
Passed and past

He passed my house this morning (passed is a verb = melintasi)
He seems to live in the past. (lampau)
So and Such

He was so tired that he could not wake up
You should not speak to such people
Watch, look at, Follow

Tomorrow he will be watching her anxiuosly (something happening)
Look at the picture. Look at your book.
I follow my motheer into the kitchen (go after=mengikuti)
Solid, Firm, Stable

She will  not eat any solid food (not liquid).
He gave me a firm refusal (Not doubtful)
He is a very stable person (often describing character)
No. Sooner...than; hardly... when

He had no sooner returned than he bought a fine house
He had hardly had time to settle down when he sold the house
Country and Countyside

He had planned to settle down in the counrty
The countryside around Vienna is very beautiful
Continuously and Continually

It rained continually (at frequent intervals)
The river flows under the bridge continuously (does not stop at all)
Make and Do

I tried to make a conversation
Do me a fafour please. Do you think it will make any diffenence?
Remark, Observe, Notice

‘We musn’t buy thinkg we don’t need, ‘ I remarked
He observed mw very carefully (he looked at me).
Did you notice how she was dressed?
Can and able to

Can I see your telephone? Ican see you tomorrow.
He was able to leave Europe before the wa began. (we must use able to when we ant to show that an action has been completed successfully)
Steal adn Rob

A thief stole some money ftom ythe save. (mencuri)
The police have caught the man who robbed the bank (merampok)
Lose, Loose and Miss

I don’t like losing my way. Take care not to lose your passport( HILANG)
Several screws have come loose. I’ll have to tighten them.(kendor)
We haven’t seen you for a long time, we have missed you (kehilangan/rindu)
Expect and Wait for

My trip took me longer than I expected
I am expecting Jack to arrive at 6 o’clock, but I shall not wait for hom if he is not here by.
Raise and  Rise

That boy always raises his hand when I ask a question. Wew raised the shelf a few inches.
After the concert , everybody rose and clapped. The sun has just risen.
Lay and Lie

Lay the parcels on the floor please. Haven’t you laid the table yet? (menaruh terbentang)
I lay in bed till 10 o’clock. They’ve just lain on tyhe grass ( berbaring)
Beat and Win

Spanyol beat Italy last Sunday (mengalahkan)
Spanyol won the game (memenangkan)
Throw away, throw to and throw at.

Fires are often caused by cigarette, which people  calelessly throw away.
He threw the ball to me and I caught it
The boy threw a stone at the window and broke it.
Quite and  Quiet

They were quite sure that a cigarette end did not stat the fire (e di belakang-sangat)
The class keep very quiet during the lesson . (e di tengah-tenang)
Cause and reason

What caused the fire? A fire man discovered the cause of the fire .(penyebab)
That is the reason her left .(alasan )
Drop and fall

A bird had dropped the snake on to the river.(menjatuhkan- sengaja)
He fell down the stairs and broke his leg.(terjatuh- tak diharapkan/tak sengaja.)
Use, Am used to, Used to.

I use a pen for writing (menggunakan)
I am used to looking after my self. ( biasa)
I used to see him when I was child. (kebiasaan lampau)
Gold and golden

He has a gold watch ( dari emas)
He missed a golden opportunity.(sifat emas)
Handsome, beautiful, pretty, Good-looking

He is a very handsome young man.
She used to be very pretty as a child. She is now a beautiful woman.
She is a very good-looking girl, and her boy friend’s good-looking too
Reach and Arrive in/at

The winning car reached a speed of forty miles an hour. Will you pass me the book please, I can’t reach it. (mencapai/menjangkau)
We arrived in New York yesterday. We arrived at the station ain good time. (tiba)
Take part and Take place

It was the oldest car taking part. (ambil bagian/berperanserta)
The next race will take place in a year’s time. (ambil tempat/dilaksanakan)
Make and Let

I can’t make him change his mind. The teacher made the boy write the exercise again.(membuat)
Let me try. Don’t let him persuade you. Don’t let the children touch anything in this room. (biarkan)
Increase and grow

The number of visigtors to Central Hjava has now increased (meningkat)
She has grown so much she is nearly as tall as I am (tumbuh)
Gain and Earn

It has gained an evil reputation (mencapai)
He has gone abroad and I hear he is earning a lot of money (mendapatkan/menghasilkan)
Pick and Cut

She has picked a lot of flower. (memetik)
She cut the apple into two. (memotong).
To,In order to, So as to, So that, In order that

He ran to the station to catch the train ( ke)
I told him about it in order to help you.(untuk)
I opened the door quietly so as not to disturbe him.(agar)
He was barking so that someone would let him out.(agar)
He sent a telegram in order that his mother mighy (should) learn the good news.(supaya)
Discover and Invent

Scientists are trying to discover if this is possible.(membuktikan)
Whittle invented the jet engine. (menemukan)
Leave, Live, Let

The Mars left the earth a short time ago (menjauhi)
He lives in Kendal, He leaves home early every morning (tinggal/meninggalkan)
Will you let him try again ? (membiarkan)
Travel. Trip. Journey. Voyage .

He travelled for over fifteen hours. He wrote a book about his travels. (perjalanan)
How long does the trip last ? (perjalanan wisata)
He had a terrible journey. (perjalanan darat)
He is going on a voyage round the world across the see.(perjalanan laut)
Stationary and stationery ( beda huruh a dan e terakhir)

An astronaut will attemp to leave the stationary spaceship.(dengan a  =orbit)
That bookseller also sells stationery. (dengan e berarti alat tulis)
Control and check

He controls a large business company (mengawasi)
A mechanic checked my car engine( memeriksa)
Great and Big

Istiklal Mosque is a great building (an important building)
Skyscrapers aee big buildings
Soil and Ground

Olive trees can grow in a poor soil. (tanah)
The ball fell to the ground (muka bumi)
Agree and ACCEPT

Though Jimmy agreed to go at once. Jumbo refused to move (setuju)
We are not allowed to accept presents from customwers . (menerima)
Dress up and Dress

Dress up as Mataram King (wearing fancy dress)
I got aup at 6 o’clock , washed, shaved, dressed and had breakfast. (berpakaian)
Licence. Practice. Advice.

I was being tested for a driving licence (ijin)
He still needs a lot of practice (latihan).
I want to give you some advice (nasihat)
Enjoy. Entertain. Amuse.

I was almost beginning to enjoy my test .(menikmati)
He entertained me to dinner.(menghibur)
The children were amused to the circus clown . (terhibur) 
Official., clerk., employee., shop assistant.

The costumes offocial asked me several questions.(resmi)
He works as a clerk for an insurance firm (juru tulis).
Over a thousand factory employees went on strike. (buruh).
She works as a shop-assistant in a clothing store. ( karyawan pembantu)
Hung/hang and Hang/hanged.

A painter hung a pot of paint on one of yhe hands (menggantungkan).
When the sun come out , she hung the washing on the line. The murder was hanged.
Usual and Usually

Harvesting has begun earlier than usual. (biasanya).
He usually gets up at 6 o’clock.(biasa)
Between and among

Tom sat between Jill and Jeniver. (posisi antara 2 - tengah).
You’ll find it somewhere among those newspapers ( diantara beberapa)
Manager, Director, Headmaster

Mr Tony is talking to the manager of the local factory. (manajer)
Mr. Jhones is the director of several companies (direktur -Pimpinan perusahaan/ direksi)
Who is the headmaster of the school? (kepala sekolah)
AD and BC

The mummy of an Egyptian woman who died in 800 B.C. (before Christ- sblm masehi)
William the conqueror invanded Britain in A.D 1066 (after Dominion/Masehi).
Skin and leather

Hard resin covered the skin.(kulit tubuh)
This briefcase is made of leather (kulit yang sudah disamak).
Look at her rosy cheeks. She has a lovely complexion (jenis/corak kulit)
Wax and candle

A small wax figure on the god Dusmutef (malam, bahan  membatik)
The light went out so we lit candels (lilin)
Clothe. Clothing. clothes

I wanted to have a suid made so Ibought three and a half yards of cloth. (bhn pakaian/kain)
You should give all this old clothing away .(pakaian)
He soon changed into the dead man’s clothes  (pakaian yang digunakan)
Salute and Greet

He stood to attention and saluted as they passed. (salam hormat)
He went to the station to greet his friend (menyalami)
Clear and Clean

He was rather elderly with clear blue eyes.His instructions were very clear (jelas/ jernih)
She keweps hewr house very clean (bersih)
Laugh and Laugh at

Everybody laughed when the circus clown made his appearance.(tertawa)
People have often laughed at stories told by the seamen .(mentertawakan)
Wash and Wash up

I must wash my hand. (mencuci)
I’ll wash up tonight (I’ll wash the dishes)
Too and enough

It is too difficult for me to understand (sangat)
It is easy enough for me to understand (cukup)
Enough and Fairly

Your work is not good enough.(cukup)
I know he is a fairly good player, but he doesn’t play well enough to get into the team.(relatip cukup)
Petrol and Benzine

The price of petrol has gone up again (Bahan Bakar Minyak)
Those stains come off if you use benzine .(bensin-jenis BBM)
Free and single

The people are free to choose who will govern them .(bebas).
Is she still single? I thought she was going to get married last April. (sendiri)
Queue and Row

There was a long queue outside the cinema.(antrian)
I had a good seat in the fifth row. (deretan)

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