OUT OF THE BOX 1. BATU BATA CANTIK =kaca dan plastik (Klik di sini) 2. PERANGSANG AKAR TANAMAN (klik di sini) 3. ALAT CEGAH JAMBRET DAN PERKOSAAN (klik di sini)

Rabu, 24 April 2013


 Fill in the blanks with the Adjective Clauses  (who, whom,  whose, which).
1. The woman ........ sons are very naughty often loses her temper.
2. Can you show me the bag .....you bought yesterday ?
3. Can yoy recognize the man ...... you saw stealing .
4. George Wshington ,..... became president of the USA , never tpld lie .
5. The book ...... I was reading this morning was a ;love story.
6. Wha is the name of the man ...... wifwe has run away and left him.
7. The boy ...... you spoke to in the street yesyerday is my cousin.
8.  I don’l like the room ..... you live in.
9. I found a letter ...... is addressed to one of our important clients.
10.Anne Boleyn ..... was beheaded at the age of 29 , was the second wife of Kinbgf henry VIII.
KEY: 1. WHOSE.  2. Whioch 3. Whom.  4 who   . 5 which.  6. Whose  . 7 whom    8. Which    9. Which 10. Who. 

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